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Before LCD gets near Plasma, is OLED likely to be mainstream?


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Obviously LCD is still a long way behind Plasma in terms of PQ, Processing and general viewing experience, but I was wondering if it there was anything due out in 2008 that might get close.

At the moment the highest end LCDs are no better than mid range Plasmas and the high end plasma are just way out there.

I was wondering if in all likelyhood, OLED technology is probably going to be mainstream to compete with plasma, way before LCD can get anywhere near plasma?


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Obviously LCD is still a long way behind Plasma in terms of PQ,

Have you been sleeping for the last year ? Or have you been frozen in cryogenic liquid ?

I think you haven't seen to many good Lcds . There are lots of of good Lcd and bad ones . The same is on plasma territory , I have seen some Plasmas I would not touch with a bargepole and some lovely ones ( Pioneer , Panasonic ) . However the best full HD plasmas have a premium price which few people can aford to pay.


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both have there on merits.

a decent 1080p LCD fails where exactly ? it certainley isnt black level anymore and this gap will narrow by the next 2gens with full LED BL it will be the same although lcd will still be higher resolution than plasma, more energy efficient by a country mile, there already full recycleble, and cheaper.

tell me why is it that the new 8.3 mega pixel extreme HD 80" screen 4 times the res of 1080p is LCD ???

plasma may win the battle, but LCD has won the war

Chris Muriel

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See the OLED discussions in the appropriate section of these forums.
In short, I wouldn't expect to see any living room sized OLED TVs this year at consumer prices. Currently OLED is being used in volume only for small screens like cellphones and PDAs.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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