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before its to late

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by cjarmstrong, May 4, 2005.

  1. cjarmstrong


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    ok fellas (and lisa g)

    I am just about to install my screen but before I do i need to check a couple of things before the plaster goes up and cabinet is fitted

    I have 37pw7 denon f100 system and humax pvr.

    1. I have ordered js tech rgb vga convertor so am i right in saying this connects to the screen via the panasonic supplied cable and accompanying board?

    2. for dvd does it need a direct component connection to screen or would i be able to connect via component to js box?

    3. To connect pc what is my best option, and does anyone use the audio slot next the 15 pin vga on the back of the screen?

    4. I would also like to connect to another screen in my kitchen, is it possible to run a cable which would mirror whatever was on my panny screen???
  2. lisag

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    Jul 14, 2004
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    Well you would run a quality scart cable from Humax PVR to JS box, then a quality VGA cable from JS box to the PC input that comes as standard on the panel.

    You would need a component cable from the DVD player to a component board that you will need to buy for the screen, no need for a js box

    This other slot is actually a serial input and is used by engineers to do clever stuff to the screen, apparently. For PC input you can buy a DVI terminal board or a PC VGA input board, the same connection that you will be using for the JS box.

    Don't think so, you would probably have to run a second video out cable from all your sources if they can handle that.


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