Before I go mad ... .


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.... I want to create a water mark to apply to some of my exported images ... I'm creating the water mark in Photoshop Elements 6 and then applying this to exported images in Aperture 3 ..

Trouble is .... I always get the background text box in the water mark, rather than just the text itself ...

I'm sure its a very simply answer - click some random clicky box ... but it's doing my noggin in ...

Any pointers much appreciated.




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I do not know the answer, however, I have found that Google can usually supply the answer in the form of a tutorial for all things Photoshop,
Good luck - it should only take 5 mins. or so to find something suitable.


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Not sure, but is it because you're saving it as a jpeg or some other format that flattens the image onto a white background, try saving as a PSD or PNG or something.


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can't you set the canvas to be transparent in photoshop?


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Finally worked it out - a few pointers on here helped.

While all layers are active in PSE choose background eraser tool ... get rid of the background.

You can then save this as a .PSD file so the layers are still active ..

Once applied in Aperture I get only the writing ...

Madness averted !

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