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Jan 26, 2006
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I have decided to upgrade to an LCD and the Toshiba 32WLT66 is the one that looks the part as I cannot see it personally (I work overseas taking my sons recommendation ) does this LCD perform well with SKY+ as this will be the main item watched.Sorry if this has been answered before
I have the Tosh 32WLT66 and have been really pleased with the performance of Sky+ via the RGB scart and DVD via component. The integrated digital tuner is pretty good too.

I have just upgraded to SkyHD and all I can say now is ..... WOW!!

Prior to viewing it is absolutely essential that you look at this thread to ensure the settings are just right - you need to tinker with them to suit your own taste but straight from the box the picture needs adjusting somewhat!

Have a look at this price for the Tosh - an absolute bargain and that website also carries three independent reviews of the Tosh, all of which speak very highly of it - What HiFi gave the set five stars.

Good luck with your purchase!
I mentioned this in another thread, but Dixons have the 32WLT66 for £764.79, and you can get £50 off with the following code:


Delivery is free too. I haven't gone as far as confirming an order, but the code does work during the checkout phase.

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