Before buying an LG CX9


I’ve read so many threads I’m dizzy ;)
I’ve got a 10 year old Sony 42” Bravia I’m considering replacing with an LG 65CX.

I’ll only use an AppleTV as my source of media e.g. Netflix and Infuse for the odd movie/tv series.

Before I take the plunge:

- Is the TV difficult to setup? I do computer stuff as a day job so what I mean is if the menus are miles long and have lots of weird options I’m going to need a PhD in TV to understand :p
- I’ve read about calibrating by hiring a “calibration” guru? Is this common? How far can I get myself and are there any tips/advice on how to do it?
- Can I update the TV without connecting it to the internet e.g. USB stick. I really have no need for it to be connnected.
- How’s the sound the speakers?
In my Sony I struggle to hear voices clearly and end up having to use subtitles for movies/netflix etc.
- Does the remote use RF or bluetooth? If the later can an iPhone be used as a remote?
- What’s the difference between LG OLED65CX-ALEXA and OLED65CX9LA?
I don’t need Alexa.

Any other advice or considerations I should think about before I buy?

thank you


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1 - no, you can view the manual which explains most of the settings here.

2 - I don't think you need that, just use the built in presets, isf expert is the most accurate output if that matters to you, cinema and game are optimized for just that.

3 - yes it can connect to the internet there is a built in software update under support menu.

4 - good enough for most.

5 - under sound mode settings in TV there is a clear voice mode which you can boost voices.

6 - not sure might be custom, LG provide an iOS app but its not very good.

7 - don't know seems like it comes with alexa instead of google assistant.

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