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Thought I would show my bedroom setup to date untill I can get a dedicated cinema room in my new home.

I have thought about getting a projector, but I am going to wait untill mainstream 1080P units come online and are a bit cheaper.

Anyway, the kit consists of the below:

Panasonic 42PV500 Plasma
Denon AVC-A1XV
Sky HD
Xbox 360 Wireless via router
Panasonic VCR
DALI Helicon 800 Stereo Speakers
Mission Elegantes, centres, rears and subwoofer.

Cables are a bit of a mess, but thats the beauty of a cabinet as it conceals the mass of cables.

Also I am going to wait until next year before upgrading my amp to the "A" model by which hopefully Denon and others will be able to do the HDMI 1.3 upgrade at the same time.

Any comments, please let me know but if it is to tell me to tidy the cables, spare me as everbody moans about it including my other half.





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Really quality setup, some nice high end components there. That amp is huuuuuge!

John 1987

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Totally argee, stunning set-up, the Panasonic screen is great and the speakers look very nice.

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