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I am looking to replace the TV in our bedroom with a new 4K one.

I currently have a Sky HD box and an upscaling DVD player attached to a Plasma. The TV gets around an a hour or so viewing an evening and I am looking to upgrade from a 3 year old Panasonic 50 inch Plasma that still works fine, to something that gives me a picture that is at least the equal of our downstairs TV.

I am only interested in 4K, but am interested in opinions on things like DVDO as I like to watch stuff that was recorded in 480p and is never going to make it to blu-ray. I am interested in TVs that upscale the best and give me the best all round picture quality. 48-50 inches is the size range I'm after.

I have a top budget of £800 for the TV, and just looking to get some thoughts on which TV to go for as a 4K to view older material, or whether to keep my powder dry and wait for 4K TVs that work for SD old school material.


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Looking for inspiration on something that allows me to still watch old DVDs with a degree of upscaling and gives me the best that the back end of 2015 tech has to offer.


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4k sets I have seen look pretty rough with SD material. No way is there going to be a magical transformation with that amount of upscaling going on.


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Anyone else care to push me away from 4K sets, as recorded 480p material is still something that I will watch, and don't want to buy a 4K TV over something else if it stops me viewing stuff that I wanna watch.

Anyone care to recommend any all round good TVs that don't make 90s TV shows look terrible when viewed on modern TVs.

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