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Wondering if anyone has any opinions or advice on this?

I asked on this forum regarding a new TV a few weeks ago. I was really tempted by the Sony XH9505 but give I tend to keep a set for 7-8 years min I've decided to hold fire and wait for the 2021 models to hit. I feel like 2021 may be more of a difference maker for tech than 2020 was as many of the things like VRR, 2.1 etc are going to mature (and miniled backlights may be great).

To tide me over I've decided to get a new bedroom TV. The cost will be less but I'll still get that new TV buzz and dip my toe into 4k finally. From what I can read around here the U7Q is generally thought of as one of the best circa £500 tvs, but I can't help but have my head turned a little by the Philips.

If I go Hisense I'd likely go for the 55U7Q as its not that much more than the 50 in price. 55 might be a tad big for a bedroom TV but I like a big TV so I can live with that. With the Philips I think it would have to be the 58 inch as those are reported to be VA panels right? I love the blacks from a VA and angles arent gonna be an issue when its on the wall at the foot of my bed.

Ambilight is one of those things that I may love and use forever, but without having seen it first hand its impossible to know. I suspect I'd love it but my wife would hate it. I'm concerned that the Philips is an edge lit tv, so will this be noticeably worse than the Full array U7Q with its local dimming? On the other hand the Philips is noted for superb upscaling and clarity from its P5 chip (best in class?) and I still do watch a lot of 720, 1080 and even SD content so I might see the benefit of that. But then the U7 can hit 700 nits, and might be capable of being a poor mans bedroom HDR set? Either will have a shield plugged in so I don't care so much about the built in OS.

I'd really appreciate any tips or guidance you can offer to sway me in either direction. I know a lot of people here have first hand experience of TVs in a way I never will and seeing things in the shops just isnt an option right now as I'm shielding.


Philips also do 50" models. 50" and 58" is always VA.

I think you really hit the nail on the head with your own comparison. The Philips will be better for less than native content since it has better upscaling.

The Hisense on the other hand is a TV to get if you want to use HDR material. 700 nits isn't ideal, but it may get you there in some titles, and should be impressive if its your first avenue into HDR content.

Make sure with upscaling to understand at what stage you do it. For example, if you always use your shield and output 4k to the TV, the TV won't be doing any upscaling at all. However if you use the built in apps or tuner, or send less than 4k to the TV, the TV will then handle upscaling. So don't make the mistake of buying the Philips on upscaling merit and never use it.


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Ooh, I didn't know the 50" Philips were VA. That's a difference maker. I think the Philips will be doing the upscaling as its a 2015 Shield and they don't do the shiny 4k AI upscaling like the new ones.

Thanks again Dodgexander. Greatly appreciated.


It will depend on what you play and how you set the output on the shield. It can go up to 4k 30hz so for most video content it will always handle upscaling.

If however you set it to 1080p output send 1080p to the TV, or use resolution matching in supported apps then the TV will handle upscaling.

Beware that when sending 1080p to the TV, not all upscaling will be done by the TV itself. The shield will upscale first to 1080p (and deinterlace if needed) whilst the TV will just handle the upscaling of 1080p to 2160p.

For optimal results and to benefit from the TVs upscaling you need to make sure the output signal is set exactly the same as what you're watching...which can be awkward to manually change on a source by source basis if the source doesn't support auto switching.

To cut a long story short you may be better off just going for the Hisense since you can use upscaling on your shield. You can also invest in a new shield for better upscaling, and if you want to go with Philips you're best using the integrated apps to benefit from its own upscaling which may mean you could consider buying an 8 series which has android built in rather than a 7 series.


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U7Q all day long especially if you plug in external source. Hisense upscaling is not that bad either and they slowly improve it.
Philips is sometimes tricky as example yes you do get P5 engine, but what generation and functionalities in it?! In most cases LCD models usually have lowest gen P5.


Maybe worth checking this comparison in other thread:
Hisense 55U7QFTUK or Philips 55PUS7805

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