Bedroom TV - Samsung 32c5100, 32c4000, 32c580??


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Looking for a TV for the bedroom, needs Freeview built in. Good Blu-ray and ps3 clarity.

Looking at Samsung 32c5100, 32c4000, 32c580?? All the same price at £400. Leaning towards the LED one at the moment as seems better value.

Other than that theres a Sharp 40ct2e for £400, and a sony 32ex403 for £380

very confused!! But have a 40" samsung at the moment and quite pleased with that LCD!



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Have a Sony 40" and Samsung 32" but am now a convert to LG. (2 x 32" and 1 x 19")

Most recently got LG 32LD350 (which is 1080p freeview 2 x HDMI, USB) for £269 from Richer sounds. They still have the odd one about in some stores. Some say that the 1080p isn't noticeable on 32" or less, but I am sure it is. Much better picture than my £700 Sony.


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Right 32" is max size, just measured up!

So between,
Samsung 530 at £310
Samsung 580 at £380
Samsung 650 at £430
LED Samsung 4000 at £400
LED Samsung 5100 at £400
LG 490 at £380
Sony 403u at £380

Quite a few!! £430 is definately top dollar for me. Really looking for Good freeview playback, PS3 playback, Blu-Ray quality and possibly 24p?

Any help greatly appreciated!



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Moved to 'which TV' forum :)


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Right, narrowed down.

Between the Sony 403u and either the samsung 530 and 580? Is there any difference between the 530 and 580, and whether there b or c 530/580s

Any advice?


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580 has Freeview HD built-in, I believe better contrast, more networking stuff and possibly more connections?

The Samsung B is an older model from last year, there was a B530 and B550 - you'll struggle to find one new - and the C series are pretty reasonably priced now anyhow

Presume you have demo'd the options?


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Had a look at the 580 & the Sony, as I have a 530 at home. Quite impressed by both, didn't really seem that much between them. Cant see if either were 24p?

I did quite like the LED Samsung models, but they seem to have less features for the £400, no Freeview HD and the 4000 was only Hd ready not 1080p

Cheers PHIL

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