Bedroom TV 37" or 40"?


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Im after a new TV for my bedroom, I havent really set a budget but would be between £800 and £1200!

I'll mostly be using it for PS3 and Blu-Ray but with some SD viewing aswell (Mostly Sky Sports News)
I might get a Sky + box in the future also.
Sound im not bothered about as its only my bedroom, How it handles the ps3 is most important, if it helps i only play football games!

Any reccomendations? I went to Curry's the other day and there wernt alot of 37" on display, Fell in love with the slim range of Samsung TV's though and very nearly almost bought one!

steveo 79

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i quite like the samsungs, they look pretty smart even when theyre not imo and would be right in your price range as well, cant say how they would handle the ps3 tho, but cant envisage there being a problem with football games, seen somewhere that theres a 37" out soon as well!


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Perhaps someone can enlighten me on the performance of the new slimline Samsungs? if they arnt too bad then im 90% certain of buying one!


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Do a search for the model numbers ^^^


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From what ive read so far on the 7 & 8 series, there good but not the best

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