Bedroom theatre help PLS!!!


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hi there this is my first post, i have recently received:

  • denon avr 1610 5 channel receiver
  • apple tv 3
  • tannoy sfx 5.1 speaker package
  • 42" full hd samsung tv
i am planning to use this setup in my bedroom, my only concern is the subwoofer making the walls tremble too much what can i do to resolve this? possibly turn the subwoofer off? any suggestion to the setup is welcomed the receiver was inherited by my father want to make the most of it without spending too much. THANK YOU


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My personal policy towards sound levels has always been to listen at my optimum enjoyment level. Everyone will soon let you know if its not accommodating for others. You can then compromise till everyone is happy. When my kids were born my wife wanted me to adjust the levels on my home setup. I insisted we keep it as until it was clear it was disturbing them. Several years later they all sleep like logs and I can enjoy late night movies as I want. I'd happily lower the levels if I needed to but it may not always be necessary.


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How have you set the sub up? Did you do an auto setup? What is the gain set too on the back of the sub and what is the sub level in the amp? The sub should not be heard as such but should just extend the lower end and blend in with the other speakers. If it is really shaking the walls it would suggest you have set it up too high. The speakers you have are small and do not have a very low frequency response so really need the sub to add in the low stuff to sound anywhere reasonable. I think you just need to get the sub level set right and you will be fine.

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