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I currently have a stereo set up using 2x Tibo Choros 2 speakers in the bedroom.

The issue with these speakers is the connectivity - they are active and have options to be used with Wifi and bluetooth. Only the bluetooth works and when you are done listening, the speakers spew out (at full volume) a power off notification. Also the app can be really fiddly as I have to reset the speakers most days that I want to use them. As a result they aren't very practical for use in the bedroom (or anywhere else)!

I am considering switching to a more traditional hifi set up instead which also has the potential to connect with bluetooth and wifi if possible. My budget is not great, looking around £100 for the speakers and around £150 for the amplifier - am thinking about some q-acousitics 3010i/3020 bookshelf speakers as they are not too big and sound good from when I've seen them in shops.

I think purchasing an amp is far more challenging on a budget. I have no idea if products from companies on amazon like arylic/nobsound etc are any good. Is it better to have a full size amp?

Do any of you recommend any of these mini amps?

I won't be listening to music very loudly, but would like it sound fairly good! You can probably tell I am no audiophile!

To summarise, I am looking for a reliable amp which sounds good and will be able to connect by bluetooth or Wifi (or ideally both) and be able to power 2.0 speakers for around £150. With this budget, what would you recommend?

I look forward to any feedback


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Good Evening,

There are traditionally configured/looking hifi systems available on many different sites around the 100-150 mark e.g. Amazon. However, if you can stretch a bit, I would recommend the Denon DM41 DAB mini system which comes with Bluetooth but not WiFi. This would be a good match with the QA speakers you’re thinking about. It’s at Richer Sounds at the moment for £ 249.

Let us know what you decide.



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Shame you need WiFi or this would be perfect


TB Rich

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Hyper-Fi has loads of these Denon/Marantz mini systems as Grade B stock, from about £150 upwards.

I think I would be inclined to get a stronger amp though, this looks a decent deal:

Just need to add a Tibo Bond 3 then, £49.99 on Amazon and has Bluetooth and WiFi etc. Even has an Optical out so you could add an external DAC at some point.
Amazon product

Alternatively I can recommend my Yamaha A-670 amp too, £179 new with 3yr warranty:
Again pair with the Bond 3.
I use it in my office system, does the job just fine with a small pair of book shelves. Not the last word in power but sounds just fine, has a sub out so you can always add a little sub to complement the book shelves.


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However, if you can stretch a bit, I would recommend the Denon DM41 DAB mini system which comes with Bluetooth but not WiFi. This would be a good match with the QA speakers you’re thinking about. It’s at Richer Sounds at the moment for £ 249.
...or bundled with the Q 3010s for £299...

Not sure what you mean by 'connect by Wi-fi' as any streaming options would be well outside your budget unless you bought used. I'm also not clear whether you really need radio and CD sources or whether you would be solely playing music from your phone in which case the Tangent Ampster as identified by @Paul7777x may be a better bet.


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Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Sorry I should have clarified, I stream most of my music usings spotify and amazon music and the remainder I listen to using a my PC hard drive. I should be able to get by with bluetooth just fine. Bluetooth 5.0 and aptx would be better if possible.

Therefore wifi is not essenital. I definitely do not need radio or CD inputs as I don't use either of these - radio is available through my phone/PC for when I do use it.

The Tibo bond 3 is interesting - I think the only concern I have with it is the Tibo Choros 2 speakers have been such a let down due to the software.

Are there any articles which would highlight when/if I need a DAC?

The tangent looks like a good solution in all honesty, as does the denon (at £100 more). I found a review of the Rega Io on this website and am not sure I should just save up a bit longer and get something better and not have to worry about replacing it.

I think the key features include connecting to a phone/tablet/pc - by bluetooth is fine; be reliable and not break, produce decent sound; and not make sounds once I switch the system off.

I've also emailed the company ( regarding grade b stock - not sure if this compromises functionality?

Thanks again!


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Just thinking...there is the Audiopro range the T3 (Bluetooth) or the C3 (Bluetooth and wifi) . I think you can get them for £149 and £199 respectively. Two C3s can be paired for stereo. They ARE a bit ugly imo, but give a respectable performance. I had the slightly larger model (T5) for a while and it was fun.

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