Bedroom set-up, 3 years on!


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My last thread in this section of the forum was, three years ago when I was still a student. ( It can be found here; ) I had just completed a large range of upgrades to my bedroom AV set-up and wanted to show it off. It has evolved steadily since then with nothing too major happening and now felt like the right time to show my progress and ask for comments and tips! :thumbsup:

This post will show the last investment in equipment for my bedroom set-up as I now have a job and am saving, (hard) to move in with my girlfriend asap! So AV purchases will take a back seat for a while, luckily she is very understanding of my AV passion so I am looking forward to a proper dedicated AV room build when we move in with a projector! So that's something to look forward to in the not too distant future.

Anyway down too it, Kit:

Samsung LCD 40B550 - Same TV is it was brand new when I did my thread three years ago and I am very, very happy with it still. I have now wall mounted it for two reasons, 1, it looks so much better and 2, I needed the room on the stand for my new centre speaker. I am very pleased with the results of having it wall mounted.

Denon AVR1910 - Same Amp, have really enjoyed this amp, next upgrade will be for the dedicated room, will probably move to a Pioneer LX series.

KEF 2005.2 - This 5.1 speaker system has replaced the Jamo set I had before, I am very happy with them, a definite improvement over the Jamo's however they also highlighted just how fantastic the Jamo's were for the money. I have modded the outer casing of the speakers, stripping off the soft touch plastic coating to reveal the metal underneath. This was necessaries as they were getting increasingly tacky and dust just stuck to them which looked awful.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 - I use the 10.1's as my front left and right speakers in my set-up, with the front left and right KEF's acting as front height speakers in a 7.1 configuration. They are great speakers, I got them initially so I could enjoy music though my system more. However they really have also made a huge improvement to my surround sound listening.

Custom Design RS302 stands - Got these when I got the 10.1's they are great stands and are filled with Custom Design's inert filler for better stability and sound quality. These stands really enable me to get the best out of the 10.1's.

Wharfedale Diamond 10CM - This is my most recent purchase along with the TV wall bracket. I got it to compliment the 10.1's and bring cohesion so my fount 3 speakers. It has done the trick, it sounds fantastic.

Sony PS3 - Had a fat PS3 before, it YLOD. Had to replace it with a slim, which I have installed a 400GB HDD in. Luckily managed a solder re-flow on the old PS3 which enabled me to transfer all data to the slim, however the repair didn't last long.

Humax Fox T2 - This has replaced my Topfield TF5810 freeview PVR which died, I am very happy with the Humax and the freeview HD pictures it creates. The best PVR I have ever had.

Custom built HTPC - This is a new build from the old one and is now in the room wired up to the TV. I store all my music on it and films and YV shows. Its specs are; 2.8 GHz x3 AMD, 2.5 TB HDD, 12 GB Ram, Asus mobo with built-in built graphics, and a Samsung BD drive. It runs Windows 7 with XBMC among other things.

Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop - Used for work and for my photography.

Ready NAS Duo 2TB - (Not pictured) wired up downstairs used to back up music, photos etc.

B&W P5 Headphones - These are amazing, I love them, they are the best headphones I have every heard. I tried out a lot before I got these and I am just so happy with them. I use them with a Fiio E7 headphone amp with is also fantastic, it really helps me get the best from the B&W's.

Also my Samsung DVD player has gone, I just switched to using the PS3 for all disc spinning duties.

That's pretty much all the main kit. Now on to cables and accessories:

Samsung Galaxy S WIFI 5.0 - I have sold my Sony X series MP3 player, which was a sad decision and replaced it with the Samsung. Which sounds nowhere near as good as the Sony but the trade-off is I can use it for other things such as a remote for XBMC as it is an android device, I refer to it as a Mini tablet.

I have upgraded most of my speaker cables to QED Sliver Anniversary XT and QED XT evolution reference cable. Which is a great cable, I love how easy it is to work with and it sounds great too. I use Z plugs which you can see pictured on the speaker cables.

I also use mostly QED HDMI cables, they look good, their picture and sound quality is good and the build quality is first class. (Have had cheap HDMI's fail it’s not worth it at all).

I have one Audio Quest HDMI that goes from the PS3 to the receiver, also a great cable.

I also have a cheap mains conditioner which if nothing else looks very smart and didn't cost that much more than a normal good quality mains splitter.

I also have the Tron Wireless controller charging base, which I love because 1 its wireless and 2 it's Tron.

If I have missed anything, please let me know. If you have questions, comments or suggestions then please make them.

(Sorry for the lengthy post)

Thanks :thumbsup:


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have you found that because the center woofers are bigger than the bookshelves, that you have had to lower the center as a result?


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Hey my friend, welcome to the forums! :)

Nice Wharfedale kit!

May I make a couple of suggestions, are you able to spread the speakers out more? I can appreciate the room may not be big enough to do this, but honestly I recently changed my system around and having the space between the fronts and centre has really made the front soundstage come alive.

Also your wires make you system look cluttered, here is a cheap trick if you are in student accomodation or still a student, get some cheap trunking from B&W or a diy store (mine cost me about £3), some double sided tape and white tack and stick the trunking to the wall. Route the wires from the Tv through this! ;) Honestly while I was at uni - it worked like a charm!

I don't want you to be offended chap, you have some great kit, especially the Wharfedale 10.1s and B&W P5s headphones so show it off at its best! ;) Keep us updated mate!

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