Bedroom 5.1 setup ideas


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Hi guys, wish i didnt start looking into this now as i have been researching for 2 weeks now and still have a massive headache inplace of a decision :D
i wanted to get a surround sound setup in my bedroom (about 6x5m) at first i was almost certain to get the Sony DAV-DZ260 setup with a dvd player as the amp from amazon for £130 (lots of very positive reviews on there) , then saw the yamaha av63 package and that started off a search for seperate systems! i have a budget of £200 (not alot i know), being my first step into proper 5.1 would i really notice the difference between the cheaper sony all in one or the yamaha (or equivalent) seperates? i would want to connect my pc, 360, sky and ep30 in total. thanks
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An all-in-one would be a bad move.
With the AV63 you can connect as follows.
PC = use 3x 3.5mm to stereo phonos and connect from the 5.1 outputs on the PC (3x3.5mm) to the direct in on the AV63.
360 connect via optical.
SKY connect via optical if SKY+ or HD, else via a stereo phono cable.
EP30 via optical or digital co-ax.

Try doing that with a all-in one.


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thats what i thought, i originally planned just to get an optical switch, but seems so pointless having another dvd player as well as my ep30!


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As Andy said, an all in one wouldn't be a good idea. Most of these have very few inputs for other pieces of kit, if any at all. If they do they are usually limited to a single optical connection and maybe one or two analogue phono connections.

The Yamaha will let you have everything connected properly and will allow you to upgrade any components more easily if needed in the future.

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I would say to keep looking around and testing different things and find what suits you. What's good to might not be good for due to various reasons. The best buying decisions are those which you spend a month or so researching.
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thanks guys, ive narrowed it down to 2 now the sony htss-1300 (wanted the 1200 but not available anywhere :( ) setup or the yamaha av63 package, just got to decide if the sony deserves the extra £50 price of the yamaha now!


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The Sony system is no better than a all-in-one the sub is of the passive kind, i.e. no built in amp and therefore the system can not be easliy upgraded. If any part fails you basically throw it all away.

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