Becoming a reseller?


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I've been offered a chance to become a reseller for a muti-national company. They will provide full training to the highest level & all leads are provided with the customer being 100% for the sale.

I've been sent two contracts to review & get legal advice on & once agreed to go ahead.

This is totally new to me & the opportunity is from a very trusted source, it will provide me with the chance to quadruple & then some my current salary.

I'm a little hesitant on the thought of becoming a reseller simply because I know little about the + - involved.

Can anyone give warnings advice positives negatives etc?

Most grateful to your input.



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Legally I doubt you are a "reseller" but rather an "agent" (as opposed to a distributor", would be surprised if that was the case). But the contract will state what the contractual relationship is and also detail the legal rights and assignments they intend to grant you; from commission/payment, termination, territory, exclusivity and what IP rights have been conferred. Please note this is a very brief list of factors just off the top of my head; there are many more

If you do not believe you can fully understand the contracts sent to you then be warned a commercial lawyer will not be cheap, even just for an initial interview session


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Thank you Steven.

I've been pointed in the direction of business link & from there a commercial lawyer if need be.

Thank you for some pointers much appreciated.



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imightbewrong said:
Honest question - does the trusted source make money from you become a seller?

Yes. It's a well known IT Co that provides you training/qualification up to & including CCNP.


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