Becker Radio CD MP3 player?


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I've had Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, VDO and Blaupunkt Car Audio headunits...

By now I have a very good Blaupunkt Stockolmn Radio Cassete + CD changer, but lost my 3rd Keycard :rolleyes: and the Cd changer mechanism is going to RIP anyday...:rolleyes:

I hate the flashy looks of current non OEM Headunits :nono: and I was considering a Becker Mexico Pro or Grand Prix head unit. They are expensive but look and seem good. ;)

Any feedback on these? :)


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I've just fitted a Grand Prix unit and have nothing but praise for it. Integral Bluetooth is great and I personally love the understated loooks.

The only problem is that it highlights just how crap my current speakers are - roll on spending another few hundred quid.


I quite fancy the Grand Prix range myself.

Feedback seems to be quite positive, there just doesn't seem to be a lot of it.
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