"Beautiful" Sub with power that goes LOW <15hz


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You right ! Could fit in my environment looks pretty nice..
just measured again and it would fit really good!
There are 2 things which "may" be deal breakers - i want your opinions on that:
- Sidefire => the sub on the right side will face directly to concrete wall on its right side (maybe with 30cm distance, its left sub will face the lowboard with around 30cm distance;
For the lefthand sub, its right sub will face directly to the lowboard, left sub will face no where :) (height is 62cm => USM HALLER BRAND) so you can see what kind of "low"board this is

- No automatic room correction => Will I be ablet to get a good bass in my difficult room with these?

-Maybe a third point => "only" 17hz - is this enough for things like edge of tomorrow!?
I cant find a reald good review on these subs

As mentioned Arendal recommends 10cm space with driver vs. object.
1723 subwoofers have phone app like SVS. You don´t need to have "automatic room correction" in subwoofer as your Marantz has one already and does quite good job with dual woofers.

There is not tons of reviews yet for 2S as this range is fairly new with important changes, couple here:

"i want a nice deep bass and good looking subs."

Do you require max height for the subs less than 60cm? I don´t understand those what you explained without pictures.

I wanted to talk about the 1723 2V as i feel it would be much better for your room and you craving more impact in the deep frequencies, but the height is likely deal breaker. Width and depth is similar to SB16U.

2S: 54.2H x 42.0W x 50.0D cm
2V: 71.2H x 50.0W x 60.9D cm


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Ok attached you can see pics of the situation ._)
Room, walls and measurements.
The 2v ...my wife just said "OMG" NEVER too tall LOL...
so the 2v wont be an option also not for me because of the height.... also the depth / width near the chimney...
Depth of the lowboard is 50cm and with some space to the wall in total about 62cm


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