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Beaty and the Geek

Anyone watch this reality show?, I think it's great, like what they done putting a geeky guy with some nice looking chick...and the challenges are actually entertaining..will give big brother and them other shows a run for there money, you can catch it on E4...


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Saw the adverts for this, and looked like it could be quite amusing. Is it on everyday?


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It's another crappy reality tv show from Channel Whore!

They take a bunch of geeks (nerdy looking guys in their late-teens/early-twenties) and put them up with a bunch of beautiful (but dumb) women in a similar age range, and then get them to do tests, and games, e.g.
- the girls teach the guys how to massage properly
- the boys teach the girls were parts of the body are (no smutty jokes please)
- etc, etc, etc...

It's all quite dull and pathetic! Suitable for the 6-year old audience! :devil:



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Pah, they're not even true geeks either from my brief glance at it. :thumbsdow Bring me somehow who knows the ins and outs of Assembly code and Linux and I'll show you a geek :mad: ;)


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Agree with the comments here also a couple of girls aren't that great looking I didn't think. Natalie was the nicest IMO (looking that is)

rob j

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FruitBat said:
This is worth watching just for David Mitchell's commentary. Made me laugh.

Too right mate!

Surprised at the type of comments on this. Me and my family, mates etc. love it. Every episode I've been in stitches from start to finish :rotfl:

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