Beatles Boxset

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  • Stereo

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The Beatles box set - mono or stereo


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Arrgh, tough one.

Northern song is one of my fave Beatles tracks these days (I even had it as my sig on here for a while) and while it was originally mono (I think) the stereo version has never bothered me, because I don't analyse it; I just listen and generally sing along :)

While I think the earliest tracks sound best in mono (I had the original vinyls) and I'm not keen on remastering on the whole, I couldn't blame you going either way.

Hence I'm not going to vote in your poll :D

Not very helpful really :(

Oh, go on then.



i have both the original official disc and unofficial mono discs from a few years ago, but to buy both is expensive. i'd probably opt for stereo and want for the mono

up until at least sgt pepper, the mono mixes were the main mixes, they spent the most time creating these. the stereo mixes were later done quickly. in a similar way, the stereo mixes of stuff like dark side of the moon took ages to do and then the quad mixes were done quickly. the bands typically didn't like the other mixes as they spent ages mixing for someone else to redo them quickly

one of the track on sgt pepper is a different speed on the mono and stereo versions! (she's leaving home)

for a real completist you have to track down the unofficial multi tracks, and then you can remix the tracks in mono, stereo, or multichannel


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Went for stereo after all you guys input.

Arrived, i couldnt care less now how they were recorded, $130 can not go wrong at all.

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