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Hi all..

In the process of setting up a home cinema room. I think I've got my geometry all sorted out and have settled on mounting a fixed frame screen given what I've got available space wise.

With the PJ I have in mind (Sony VPLHW10 or Mitsubishi HC5500 at the moment) and given the throw distances, available Zoom on PJ etc. I think I'll be able to go for a 102" diagonal display. On the matter of lighting/contrast levels etc. the room will have cartridge-based blackout blinds on all windows and appropriately dark walls and ceilings (can't go for blacks due to SWMBO, but am aiming for quite dark grey for the ceiling, projector and side walls, with a light grey on the wall the seats will be against)

The screen I had in mind was this:
Beamax A Series 10217/HC Projector Screen

I know with a bit of time and effort I could build one, but life's too hectic at the moment so I don't mind throwing some £££ at the problem instead :rotfl: The sizes all seem to fit what I have very well and the cost is within budget, but I was wondering if the good knowledgable folk of AVF could give any further advice..

e.g: At Ivojo, they're selling both the standard finish and the "high contrast" finish for the same price.. given the PJs and factors above, what would be the recommended surface? Is there a noticable difference (given I'll be trying to minimise ambient light in the room and those two PJs are meant to be reasonably "bright" in those kind of conditions) between the two?


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Anyone?? :lease:

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