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    I posted a few days back regarding the fact that my Sony DVP-NS955v wouldn't play my new Celine Dion SACD. I had tried it on 3 different 955, and they all experienced the same problem. You may recall other brands and models played the SACD perfectly (Marantz, Yamaha and expensive Sony). As some suspected the SACD to be at fault, I ordered another brand new copy. This exibited the same problems.

    I do not expect or want an SACD that plays only some discs - and for this reason I decided to get another machine. I could not afford a larger machine - and had to downgrade to a DVP-NS780 DVD/SACD player (it is half the price). Before actually leaving the shop, I decided to try my Celine Dion SACD. Guess what? It died at the same point as all the 955s tested.

    I'd be really careful of buying another Sony DVD/SACD machine! I'm selling the 955 and saving for a Marantz DV6500.

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