Be very Wary of Polaroid HDTV's


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Just wanted to give a piece of advice. I bought a New Polaroid HDTV set in
December 2008. Everything worked fine but the HDMI Input wasn't even a
HDMI Input even the tech guy didn't know what it was. They sent me a new
replacement part. Tech guy put it in and it fried my entire TV.

Polaroid said they would send a replacement and never did. After talking to
Numerous Associates and Supervisors with no result. I filed 5 claims against
Polaroid with different Government Agencies. Then guess what, I recieved a new one in two days.

Had the new one different model and after a month the RF Coaxial Connector
went Bad. Had to call Polaroid again, go through all the sane stuff as before,
but this time I consulted a Lawyer on any suit I could file against them. I had
this 2nd defective set for about 3 months.

Guess what after they where informed I retained a Lawyer. They sent me
a new TV in 2 days. Got it Friday, this one is also a different model. Will see
how long this one lasts.

Do yourself a huge favor and agrevation and stay away from Polaroid TV's.

I just don't want anyone to go through what I had to.


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When I was recently helping a friend select a small LCD I was playing with a remote control (wish I could not remember what make it was) and a nearby Polaroid changed channels at the same time as the set I was testing. I guess these are just 'badged ' chassis and the manufacturer is hoping to rope people in with a well known traditional name. Just add it to the list of Bush, Wharfedale, Alba etc. etc


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Sorry I don't remember the first one, but the second HDTV I received was
manufactured in November 2007 and it went bad in no time flat.

This one is manufactured in December 2008 will see how long it lasts.

I'm not saying all Polaroid products are bad. I would just stay away from
their TV's. Also the 3 different TV's were all different Models but came
with the Exact Same Remote?????????
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