BDPS350 Audio noise from dvd disks


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Hope someone can help. I have a BDP S350 and when playing blue ray disks audio is perfect, but when i try playing normal dvd disks the audio drops out and also I get what I would describe as a hissing sound. I have loaded new firmware this morning and changed some audio settings but still the same. I have tried different dvd disks to eliminate the problem being the disk. Cannot understand as the blue ray disk play without problem. S350 connected via HDMI cable to Panasonic LCD 42u2b.

Any help much appreciated.


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Sorted, changed HDMI cable and all fine now. Swapped with SKY supplied HDMI cable and works perfect now.


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I have this issue, too. My 350 (inherited from a relative) is extremely fussy when fed DVD discs exhibiting both sound loss and picture freezing. You can flick to another chapter on the disc and it will start playing properly again, yet shove in a BD and it'll happily play it all the way through.

Finding it really irritating, as I have to watch DVDs in the lounge on the TV, rather than on the home cinema which is in a spare bedroom. One saving grace is that the TV in the lounge is a CRT, so it has decent sound compared to these new-fangled flat ones! :D
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