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Bd701s focus probs with Iscan ultra!!



I am having a bit of a problem with the focus ability after adding the iscan ultra. I ran the bd701s with my sat dish through composite connection before adding the scaler with a beautifully detailed pic (except for scan lines of course) , but when adding the Iscan through BNC RGBs (sync on HV) I had to reconverge I know but I am now converged and the whole pic is now a bit blurred??!! I can't catch the fine focus I had with the composite originally. The BD701s has got a cine 7lt board which gives it an on-board line doubler and I am wondering if I just ned to stick with that???
I don't think so but I need some advice on how to focus this thing in!!!

Chris Frost

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I've had this with other brands of projector. The non line-doubled image seems to enhance impression of sharpness because of scan lines.

A quick test is to use a line resolution chart from AVIA or Video Essentials and compare the two different resolutions. If your pj is set up well then Line Doubled should look just as sharp but with out the line structure.

The other reason could be the lens focus. Going from non-line doubled to line doubled means twice the amount of scan lines on the screen. There's a chance that if the focus was a little soft to start with then you could have scan lines overlapping. It could be that you need to tweak the lens focus to get it back then reconverge.



Yeah Thanks,

I tested with AVE and all seems fine with the resolution. I have since gone back reset my crosshatch alignment. Better!! I still am having a bit of prob getting tight but need to work on converg a bit more.
I freakin' hate geometry settings on the CRT!!! It is truly an artform!!!
Keep on workin'.......CRT's are worth every minute!!


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Don't forget focus changes a little with scan frequency,start with an internal 15.7 pattern,drive the contrast up to around 65 then do your static focus followed by the electrical focus,you may need to alternate between the two a few times.
With your unit being electrostatic focus it will vary a bit more than the electromagnetic type so re check at line double frequency.

james (crt)

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