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BD-P1500 missing speaker channel


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My BD-P1500 is connected via HDMI to my receiver, which in turn is connected via HDMI to my TV. If I load a blu-ray disk (or DVD sometimes for that matter), sometimes I will get no center channel on playback. All other channels are fine. If I switch everything off, maybe wait a while and try again, the center will be fine from that point on. Try again another day, and the center channel will be missing again. Doesn't matter what audio stream I select, or if I output audiophile (bitstream), re-encode or PCM from the 1500. The receiver lights up as if it's receiving a full 5.1 audio stream (it shows the correct no. of speakers on it's display), but the center is missing.

I've checked everything, and know the center is working ok because if I route TV audio through the receiver (via SPDIF), I get the center channel fine every time.

This has got me annoyed and confused. Anyone have any possible clues as to the problem?


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I agree, it seems as if their is a problem with your HDMI lead, or their is a connection problem with your speaker cable running to your centre speaker. Another issue could be the ohm reading for your centre speaker, if it is 4ohm this can cause a load problem for your amp to drive the speaker. Alot of amps have an automatic shut down if it is presented with an ohm it can not drive. I would also run a coax cable from your blu ray player, to see if their is any problems running your amp with standard dolby digital audio, and DTS.

To find out what the ohm range is for your amp refer to the user manual, and check your centre speaker. If your centre speaker is THX, they usually run on a 4ohm load.

Hope this helps....


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Thanks for the suggestions. Trying a different HDMI cable is the only thing I haven't yet tried. It's the original one I put in new about a year ago, but I suppose faults can develop.

The speakers are part of a 5.1 set, rated at 4-8ohms. I generally run them at 8 ohms, and have done so for the 5 or so years I owned them. My previous amp drove them at 8ohms without problem, although at that stage, all my audio was routed over SPDIF optical. I don't think the amp is cutting off the centre because it's overloading it, as I'll be honest, rather than completely losing the centre, it just sounds really quiet and muffled, although I could be wrong!

I'll try another HDMI cable when I get the chance.

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