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Have recently bought a Samsung BD-C5500 Blu ray smart player and have had a few issues. Firstly it has iplayer which is fantastic and includes hd content, however there are a couple of issues, the site layout is the same as the wii so is the cut down version, when scrolling the featured programs at the home page it is very jerky and very slow to the point of it being un-useable, so I dont use this feature and go into catagories as this is just text based. The screesaver cuts in every 15 mins, this was a problem that the 2010 model BD-C5500 had and this can be addressed by turning off or lengthaning the time the screensaver timed out, there does not seem to be the option in this new and improved player :rolleyes: hmmm frustrating as you have to press a button on the remote to switch it off all the time. I emailed Samsung and they said try a re-set, I knew that this would not work and it did not. Why does this get released again with this bug after over a year :facepalm: what are bbc and Samsung playing at. Anyone know a workaround or experiencing the same problems ?? Also there is no lovefilm app which I bought it for and it was advirtised having, this happened before on the release of the BD-C5500 which customers had to wait for months to have. Surely you would think that someone would get a finger out as this is a huge benefit and selling point of this player and the main reason why I bought it and signed up for lovefilm to get it. Samsung replied to my email as the service will be coming soon, well we have heard it all before, what is soon, 1 day, 1 week 1 month, 1 year :lease: with fierce competition into the new digital age i'm appauled that companies [BM - snip]. The poor man/woman from india who answers consumer complaints has to deal with it and being poorly trained gives a polititions answer which leaves us all still in the dark. Rant over. This
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