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Is it me or is it a waste of a disc space and absolutely criminal not to put any extras on these discs?

I know some have content but take 'Night at the museum' for instance.

In my local morrisons they were doing a 2 disc DVD special edition with trailers, deleted scenes etc for £9.99. I went to HMV and paid £29 for it on BD and there is no extra content whatsoever.
Of course the viewing expierence is better but an extra £20 for that privilage with no extras feels like a slap around the face.
Is this the norm for all BD or is night at the museum the unlucky exception ?
I'm new to Blu ray and want to start building up a collection. Are there any BD out there with extra content that are value for money :lease:


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Some BD titles do have a reasonable quantity of so called extras. Personally I couldn't give a monkey's for extras - I never watch them. Certainly £29 is taking the mickey. Buy online to get a better deal. I generally pay about £16 for a BD or HD DVD title, sometimes less.

Edit - Mind you, having said that, Night at the Museum is £23.99 even at Amazon don't seem to have it listed yet for release. PlayHD have the Region A version for pre-order at £18 delivered. Worth hunting around though - I try to resist the urge to buy locally (still can't resist the odd impulse buy though!).

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