bd 600 setup?



I have a BD 600 connected to a rcvds 04 quad. I have the 15 pin cable connected to the RCVDS and the pj. I have a video source connected to the video input on the rcvds, then the R,G,B, and sinc cables from the rcvds connected to the pj. I don't get a picture. If you look inside the tubes you can see dots moving around. When I select internal grid, the pj displays the grid but when switched to "vid/rgb operation" the tubes essentially go black (except for the little dots). I know I am doing something wrong, I just don't know what. Thanks in advance for your help.


Mad Mr H

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Not sure about the 600 series...

Can you connect the video source direct to the pj?

by video source what do you mean?

should be a composite video signal from either the scart out or a "video out" on a DVD/VCR/Sky/Freeview player.

try a DVD player first - more stable picture

correct input selected?


I don't know too much about these pj's either. From what I've read I need the rcvds connected to the pj.

I have a VCR (easiest to connect right now) connected to the rcvds "video" in.
I have #1 selected on rcvds as the vcr is plugged into the card in the farthest left position in the back of the rcvds. there is a "video" output on the rcvds and a "video" jack on the projector. Can these be used instead of the r,g,b,sinc output/input?

Another thing I was wondering was if the "RGB TTL" jack can be used?

Mad Mr H

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I am 95% sure about the following

you should be able to connect the video direct to the projector.

Should have video one and two, usually on BNC connectors.

usually input 1 and 2 on the remote.

Leave the Barco switcher alone to start with.

Better if you can use a DVD player video signal is much lower quality but if easy should still work.

you will usually come from the scart output on the VCR into the projector. check BOTH video in and video out on the scart lead - some firms label from the unit, some to the unit.

Start with that, then try SVHS if your vcr has it

PLEASE NOTE: SOME vcr's ONLY output the video tape on the scart and the tuner on the RF output.... You will need to play a tape to check this NOT just a tv signal.

IF the Barco does not see a signal a text box will usuall appear saying so.

Hope that is of help....


First, I really appreciate the responses.

At the risk of asking the dumbest question on this forum... What is the scart lead. I'm just not familiar with that term.

I'll try hooking the vcr right to the video input on the pj.


Mad Mr H

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Scart is the 21 pin connector on most vcr's - if you have a really old vcr it wont have one and you will never get you pj to work with it.

do you have a digital camera?

if so post some pics of the connection point of ALL items and I can talk you through it. CRT is worth the wait.........

(but we all hate waiting!)

NEVER be afraid to ask anything - without asking you will never know.....

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