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Hi there, I have SKY Digital and because of the poor terrestrial signal where I live, have to watch everything through Sky. I've noticed ocasionally (inc this morning) that BBC1 through SKY seems to shift slightly off the screen and leave a black gap on the left hand side.

Its only BBC1 that does this, on not on every transmission.

Any idea's anyone? Tends to happen when local news comes on, although the kids tv thing that it did it on this morning wasn't local...

This happens where the original source material was 4:3 and the BBC have zoomed in to approx. 14:9 to make it appear widescreen. The result is rather poor quality due to the loss of resolution. The fact you are only seeing a black bar on one side simply means your TV picure isn't centered. If it was, you'd have bars on both sides in such circumstances.

Hope this helps. :)
I get this too. However, the bar is down the left.
It is definately the broadcast and something to do with the BBC.

For example, if the bbc news is on there might be a black bar down the left. When the red horizontal bar pops up at the bottom with the reporters name in it goes over this black bar.

Dont know why though :confused:

So by that rationale, its nothing to do with the TV? If the red bar with the reporters name goes OVER the vertical black bar?

Can something be done? Can we contact the Beeb to sort this?

Surely this isn't something that just affects Pany owners?

Or is it just people that watch the Beeb thru Sky?

:lesson: I never said the black bar has anything to do with your TV, I mentioned that the fact you are only seeing one shows your TV picture isn't centered. It is a broadcast and more specifically the way the BBC handles some sources that causes this. Please re-read my original reply.

To clarify, widescreen TVs are 16:9, so a 14:9 picture cannot fill the entire screen. You will not see the effect on terrestrial viewing as all widescreen broadcasts are cropped (cut to fit) to 14:9 leaving small black bars at the top and bottom of a 4:3 TV picture.

Hope that I've explained it better this time ;)

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