BBC1 HD and ITV1 HD problems


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Has anyone else had problems with these channels recently (last 2 or 3 days)?

Recordings won't play back properly - they start as a blue screen with sound, then give a picture for the required programme with sound - but after a couple of seconds this picture freezes with sound continuing.

Tried to watch these channels live gives a blue screen with the sound ok.

Both boxes are Thomson - and before anyone asks they have both been upgraded with the correct caps and both have 1Tb drives in them.

In both cases:-

a) they were perfectly ok before 2-3 days ago (and can still play older bbc1HD and itv1HD programs)

b) will record and playback other channels without any problems (Sports HD channels and SD channels incl bbc1 and itv1)

Any ideas please?:lease:

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