bbc1 and bbc 2 dissapear from Media Center


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VMC has been working perfectly for a few months now (having finally resolved the resume/standby issues). However in the last 2 weeks the following has happened.

turn on media center (resume), live TV -> bbc1 shows fine.. then using the now and next quick guide, scroll through the chanels and select one. now go back to bbc1 and there is no guide information for bbc1 or bbc2 and no tv signal.

a reboot does not fix it .. nor does downloading the guide. the only fix is to do a new channel search.

very annoying! any ideas what is causing this? It doesn't happen all the time, twice in last 2 weeks.
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I get a similar issue but with having multiple BBC channels... well two of every channel.

for example my guide looks like this

Channel Number Channel Name
1 BBC West
1 bbc
2 BBC 2
2 bbc 2
6 BBC 3
6 bbc 3
700 Radio 1

and the second instance of each has no signal and no guide information.

I have to manually remove these from time to time by going to the settings to remove the unwanted channels.

That seems to fix that issue and the failed recordings also.

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