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How come the bbc release series abroad months before we get them in the uk??
I am talking about spooks series 2 but i'm sure there would be more!

Apparently the dvd release in the uk is set for the start of the airing of series 3 later this year yet it is already availiable in AUS why would they do this?

This is the link to it anybody know anything about this company or any other AUS website where i could purchase it from?


How come the aspect ratio is in 4:3 it was transmitted if W/S.


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good point!! So they even re-encoded it to 4:3 and put it on dvd to sell abroad, y dont they just realease stuff quicker?

Suppose at least the uk release will prob be 16:9 and with 5.1 dd like the first series!!

On a side note does any1 know when 24 series 3 is due out on dvd (a ruff idea)


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There have been threads on this subject before - something to do with an arm of the BBC overseas which isn't funded by the license fee or something...


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Yes, I have frequently ranted about BBC America. It is a source of frustration that quintessential Brit products get poor and indifferent releases in the UK and superior releases in the UK.

The complete Blackadder collection has all episodes (and I mean all including Comic Relief specials) as does the Vicar of Dibley Divine Collection. Not the case for their R2 counterparts.


Not the BBC's fault. Spooks was an independent production for the BBC. They were outbid for the rights for by Contender.

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