BBC Young Musician of the Year

Bernard Barnett

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Just out of interest, is anybody following this on BBC4 this week? I have a horrible feeling that the audience for this kind of material, especially on BBC4, is measurable in the low thousands...Pity as (in my view) it makes wonderful TV.


I can't help think you're being a little optimistic with the viewing figures!

Isn't this just Pop Idol for posh kids??

Bert Coules

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There have have been lots of complaints about this being sidelined, shunted over to a minority-interest channel; interesting in view of the Beeb's announcement today that "in response to audience pressure" they're going to increase the arts coverage at peak times on BBC1 and 2.

I don't care for the new pop-culture tone of the whole thing, and I hate the fact that the competitors are referred to, and addressed, only by their forenames. "And the winner is... Amanda!" is not the way a supposedly serious, classical-music competition should be conducted.


Sammy Jankis

I'd like to see a young musician of the year based on rock music. There are some young talented pop or rock musicians out there and I'd like to see something that recognizes their abilities.


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Sadly Sammy I don't think that'll be happening too soon. The programme itself isn't really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the talent and dedication it takes to reach that level. It's a shame it's been shunted to one of the lesser Beeb channels, but understandably the BBC needs to aim for more populist programming.

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