BBC screwing up all series recordings on Freesat kit


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The BBC has once again screwed up the series crid recording codes. The system is designed to allow the same series Crid for all programmes with the same name provided that there is not a gap of more than 13 weeks between events (a posh way of saying a new episode). After this period the recording schedule is deleted.

This will affect all freesat kit including the new 4K box. It has nothing to do with the widely pulblicised iplayer issue on Humax kit.

However because this has also disabled the backwards epg and view from the beginning as well it does seriously exacerbate the issue. Humax owners have to revert to other kit to watch the missing content.

Frankly they need to train there staff to understand how the system works.

The latest faux pas is when they consider a new episode is a new series with a episode 1 they give it a new series crid.. As the new series crid appears in the epg 7 days ahead, any existiing incomplete series in the next 7 days can no longer find another event, so they all fail. First you know is that you have failed recordings.

If you have BBC recordings scheduled you .....

1 need to check the epg for the 7th day ahead to see if the next episode is scheduled.

2 if not add a new series recording.

3 Complain to the BBC, ever since they took over the crid codeing it's been a shambles.
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