BBC Ripping us of with R2 Young ones



Well DVD discrimination is alive and well.

The Young Ones top '80s Brit comedy.

R2 6 episodes MONO sound, No extras out now
R1 12 Episodes, re worked DD5.1 Sound, extras include extra shows and documentaries, Out september.

What is going on? Us Brits have been paying our TV licenses for ever. How many US citizens pay the UK TV licence. None.

So how come the BBC are treating us so badly? What excuse can they have? Lazy gits.

I have promptly cancelled my R2 copy from Play and will wait for the R1 version.

I suggest you do the same.



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It is a bit of a shame. There could be rights issues of course, but I doubt it - and it doesn't account for the lack of a 5.1 remix.

The beeb have been very reserved in a great many of their DVD releases to date. One series of 'Porridge' and 'Yes, Minister' per annum falls some way short of my wishes. As do the worrying preponderance of 'best of' discs. Best of in who's opinion? I've certainly never seen a questionaire on the subject :(


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Smae with Blackadder box set. R2 has 4 series, R1 has four sercies, Back and Forth and lots of extras. Grrrrr!

I have also noticed a strange edit on the R2 version of the young ones. It apears in the episode "oil" when it go to the scene in the cellar when the guys are digging for the oil it goes straight to vivian banging his head on the floor, I have an old vhs copy where you see rik pathetically digging then viv pushes him out of the way and then starts banging his head on the floor.
Why on earth would they edit that?
Check it, its true!

Geordie Jester

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Rsssurecting an old thread,

but I wonder if anyone knows the secret behind the mysterious 5th flatmate in
The Young Ones? Every so often there'd be a hippy sitting on the floor in the corner of the room. And for years nobody noticed him. I only found out about it on an easter egg site. And now when watch it it's so obvious that he's there.



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Just under four years between posts!! :eek:

Surely this is an AV Forum 'thread resurrection record'?

Garrett, are you able to check it out on the database?...('Longest gap between posts).

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