BBC- new direction?


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U turns seem to be in fashion these days, and the BBC has just performed two. The last night of the proms (groan..) was censored by Tony Hall and his clique, and songs such as Land of Hope and Glory were not 'inclusive' enough and therefore cancelled. Then a U turn- they would be included but instrumental, and no incendiary words.
Then another U turn. Now the words will be sung, just as Tony Hall is leaving the building.

Will the BBC, under the new Director General steer the BBC back on course? Back to being impartial and a broadcaster providing entertainment and balanced news?

I really hope so, as Tony Hall was IMHO one of the worst DGs ever and would have ultimately led to the BBC's downfall.


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I strongly suspect that if they actually didn't play the songs then the crowd would have sung them anyway and made them look foolish.


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In Scotland, I don't think the BBC will ever be trusted again. They have been far too obvious with their anti Independence stance that people have lost trust in them completely. And now that pro independence is the majority position, their bias is being noticed more and more by the people of Scotland.


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The main issue with the BBC for me, is BBC News. It's become a shadow of what it once was. Has political hacks who seem desperate to keep ministers on side to retain access and then report whatever twoddle the Government wants to spin in any given week (the rot started under Blair) and the rest of the output tippy toes around a lot of issues. Victoria Derbyshire actually tackled a lot of issues head on (like Grenfell, Domestic violence etc), yet the BBC in it's infinite wisdom decided to axe her show. I trust Channel 4 News, ITV News and Sky News before I trust BBC News and that's a sad thing to say.

For those that say the BBC Is left wing and complain about it ? Last time I looked we've got a right wing Government in power with a massive majority, Brexit is happening and so on. If you can't take the heat from satire then I recommend avoiding the New Spitting Image that's on the way via Britbox/ITV. Comedy tends to be a bit left wing as the right wing comedians often lack the empathy you need to make a majority of people laugh.

The funding model for the BBC probably does need to change, but I think we'd all regret losing the BBC and part of it's remit to provide niche programming that other tv companies won't touch due to the limited audience appeal. Murdoch is probably still lusting after the BBC's content library. Which is a valuable asset in terms of it's monetary value and it's historical importance to the nation. I guess most people will turn to the BBC when the Queen pops her clogs.

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