BBC iPlayer UHD on QE85Q80T?


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Has anyone else with an QE85Q80T had problems with UHD content on BBC iPlayer? I can play all regular content OK but if I select any UHD content I get the rotating circle and after around 45 seconds I get the message "Something went wrong playing this programme". Can I watch programmes in Ultra HD on my connected TV? | iPlayer help

There is a slight twist with my setup as I am in France & using a VPN to spoof a UK IP address. If I don't use the VPN this is the same message I get on all content on iPlayer. My network speed is decent at around 100Mbps down & 10Mbps up over 4G+. The TV firmware is the latest version 1497. As far as I know the iPlayer app is the latest version too.

Before I try using a different VPN or any other reconfiguration I would really like to know that it is a problem with my setup & not a problem with the TV so would like to hear from anyone who is successfully viewing UHD content on the iPlayer on the QE85Q80T.


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Problem solved. The network speed was too slow.

I checked the network speed using the browser on the TV to go to & discovered that the speed using the VPN was variable & often below 25Mbps download which is the recommended speed for BBC UHD media. I switched to using an EE sim in my 4G router & then there is no need to use a VPN because the TV 'thinks' that it's in the UK. Download speeds on EE are 60Mbps or more & BBC UHD content plays perfectly.

Oddly enough my iPhone & laptop connected to the same VPN saw download speeds of 80-90Mbps but the TV only just managed 25Mbps although upload speed was OK at 18-20Mbps on all my devices.


Do you have the picture clarity menu option available when you are actually playing an iplayer programme? (Not when in the iPlayer menu)

I used to with my QN95, but that option and therefore all the motion smoothing with it was removed by Samsung in the 1805/1808 firmware updates.

Interested to know if it is still there on the older models

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