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Hello, Iplayer / PC boffins, please help.

I'm trying to get my dad's PC back able to play Iplayer. It used to then suddenly stopped. These days all users have to sign in to the BBC before playing anything, which shouldn't be a problem, but there is some kind of connection issue with the BBC. Its the computer's fault. I have gone through various steps and this much I know but I am stumped as to the reason.

Its a Windows 7 PC, up to date. IE11 is used and up to date. Kaspersky Internet Security is used. Its virus free and also a Malwarebtyes check has been done. BT fibre and the Homehub 5.

I'll list the steps and eliminations I've thus far passed.

- His account exists.

I know this because I have signed in as him at my place several times, on a system also based on Win7, IE11, Kaspersky, etc.

- Something at least is being received by the BBC.

When I deliberately use a wrong password it immediately flags it up as wrong - and this is on his machine. So it seems it is sending something but some aspect of software or a setting is preventing completion. When I enter the right password it doesn't connect though, it just hangs and hangs and hangs. On the BBC home page or the Iplayer home page there is the sign in button, which takes you to the page for signing it. That page is actually unreliable in appearing ( not sure if that's relevant ) but when it does there are the fields to enter email and password, as you'd expect, but as I say when you sign in on his machine it just hangs and hangs.

- Some things I've tried :

Tried Kaspersky off.
Lowered security and privacy settings on IE11, to below my levels.
Cleared cache and cookies.
Reset his browser.
Got a fresh install of Adobe Flash ( not that I know this is part of things any more )
Updated Windows again.
Wondered about Java, or rather today "Java Runtime Environment" JRE and installed that.
( my own machine doesn't have that showing so is possibly a red herring )
In IE11 settings, have enabled active scripting and Active X controls and other similar sounding items.
Reset his router ( BT HomeHub 5 ) both by external button and by last resort recessed pin button.
I've checked for blocked lists, untrusted lists and the like in both IE and the Kaspersky.
He can sign in to things like Amazon and Netflix perfectly okay.


So what could it be that the BBC site uses/needs that Is causing the failure to fully connect through ?

I've gone through the above and my own settings are more or less the same as his and my machine doesn't have a problem.

So can anyone suggest, what software ( or lack of ) or settings on his machine might be preventing the handshake fully happening ?

Weird, isn't it ?

This problem has already cause me quite a number of wasted hours wrestling with it, so I'd really appreciate any help.
Oh btw, the BBC seem rather aloof and unhelpful i.e nothing really set up by way of a help line / chat service. Moreover their standard advice just puts you round in a loop.
It wouldn't be BT would it , like perhaps not wanting people to strain their bandwidth with the likes of Iplayer ( surely not, as he gets into Netflix )

Cheers !
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Try disabling any Firewalls and take it from there ?

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Thanks but that was indeed one of my steps. No joy.

And of course, you can't very well go on like that in daily use, I mean operate a pc without being firewalled.

At the moment, having read a little more about peoples experience with BT in particular, I am suspecting it may have something to do with his ISP after all. Or rather, his router, Homehub 5. It is possible I shall have to actually log into the router and change settings, rather than simply restart or reset it. From what I have read, BT do have form for causing connection issues with particular websites and services.

Meanwhile, if there is anything else anyone might suggest I would again be grateful for the suggestions.


LOL - yes I was only proposing cutting out the firewalls as a diagnostic measure to try and narrow down the problem area.

Are you running the latest version of iPlayer ?

Have you tried any alternative streaming apps to access the BBC content ?

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I haven't tried any streaming apps ( for PC ? would there be ? ) and I'd prefer to keep it simple ( for my Dad ) and keep it as the native Iplayer run in his browser.
As for version of Iplayer, I don't think Iplayer is a program as such any more - you just work it in your browser without nowadays having a download to set it up ( unless you want to do Iplayer downloads, which is something else and a newer thing ). Versions of all PC software involved, are up to date e.g. Windows, the IE11, Flash and Java ( whether needed or not ).

I tried a tweak within router settings, picked up from some online discussions. No joy. I contacted BT and the helpful guy was impressed enough with the extent of my cause eliminating, was aware of some past issues like the ones I read about and while they could not from their end identify the problem, they agreed to give it benefit of doubt and will send a newer version of their HomeHub, f.o.c.

I'll take it from there next week.

In the meantime, at least he has Netflix - a new thing for him. Of course this is vastly greater than what Iplayer can offer. I chuckle here, regarding Netflix. Even as I was configuring his settings, he still seemed sceptical. Until I started showing how it works and stuff. ...... Faces light up, oooh - ahh, that's good, etc. It reminded me about my proposition for Fibre and before that Broadband and before that, hell even email and internet itself. Each time it was, oh no, I wouldn't be bothering with that. And yes, Youtube and Iplayer too - all nonsense not of interest of course, until its seen in action LOL. Oooh that's good, show me what else etc......

I think he's going to get into Netflix a lot, despite his earlier protestations. I've got a few things loaded up as prompts in his My List. I must say Netflix is fantastically convenient. It might not be as good as Bluray for ultimate quality but for someone who isn't fussy its fantastic.

And yes, Iplayer is great too, if you bother to follow the listings and read about the various excellent documentaries the BBC do. I hope to have Iplayer back for him by the end of the week.

If failure persists I'll get the tent mallet out again.
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Fwiw and for anyone in future who picks this thread up looking for a solution to the same or similar problem, I will update the board as to how I resolved it.

The new modem-router, the HomeHub 6, arrived but unfortunately it made no difference even when applying the same settings tweak I had earlier tried on the old Homehub. I tried further tweaks, to no avail.

I had earlier reset completely the browser, IE11 and lowered various security barriers to functionality. This hadn't worked. At the time I attempted to install an alternative browser, Opera, but it would not come through, at the time I tried. I tried again today and it went in easy. I must say its a very nimble browser.

Sign in to BBC worked !

So my solution for my Dad was to have Opera on this desktop to use for BBC and Iplayer. I suggested he maintain use of IE11 in general as that is what he is familiar with ( important I think in his case ). I set BBC as his Opera homepage, so all he has to do is sign in.

I may when next round there, download a complete new IE11 from Microsoft, when I have the time and see if replacing rather than resetting that browser might work for BBC sign in. We'll see. In the meantime, he has Opera to use for BBC.

So there you are folk in the future reading this - try Opera instead of F-ing about with all else that might be involved, at expense of using up life's allotted anger moments before heart attack.

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