BBC Iplayer RADIO No Longer Working in IE9 (Beta)


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I regularly use IPlayer to listen to past Radio Programmes and when IE9 Beta was released I was able to continue this.

I think a recent update has killed the ability to go into the show archive and play radio shows.

This is NOT affecting the TV side of things - IMHO TV IPlayer ruuns better in IE9 (Beta) than in IE8.

Puzzling issue for sure as no one at MS or BBC is saying anything from searches around. It is noted by many users on the BBC site.

It must be a Beta issue in IE9 as Chrome and Forefox are not affected.

Anyone else run into this problem?



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Gave up using IE a long time ago. Find Chrome much faster. Will check this out


Seems IE9 (Beta) is taking some of the best of Firefox and Chrome. I am using Chrome more and more these days.

In my opinion MS need to do some more work on the usability of IE9 - IE8 is better.



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Quick update

Decided to dump IE9 Beta off my machine.

Like many Beta programmes there is a fair bit of functionality missing or still crude (like the download dialogue boxes that won't close).

So I have reverted my IE back to version 8.

For any that do not know IE is not a standalone programme but an update to windows. So to revert just go to Control Panel/add remove programmes select the updates choice oin the left hand menu list, search out IE9 and click on it. This will uninstall IE9. Restart the computer and IE8 will be there, all that happens is you will get the welcome to IE8 screen but all your bookmarks will still be there.

Overall it would seem that Microsoft are using the best bits of Fiirefox and Chrome functionality to dress up their offering. I hope that the Beta is not a contender that is deemed close to final release because if it is MS will see a further drop in their dominance in the browser market. Its OK but others are better.



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Sorry about the bump- this page is listed on the first google page for potential solutions to the iplayer problem

Today Microsoft offered me the IE9 upgrade so I installed it. It broke Iplayer..

I found a work around thanks to How to fix the iplayer, ie9 problem

You need to enter the documents setting via F12 and opt for ie8 mode.

This should work for other "broken" sites as well.


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Fair enough

After the install and reboot I couldn't see the selected program or the recomended programs until i followed the advice in the link.

The odd thing is that later in the day it loaded ok without the need to hit f12.

Just now I reopened iplayer, went to chapter 3 of night watchman (which i listened to earlier today). It would not load so I clicked the following link BBC iPlayer - Terry Pratchett - Night Watch: Episode 4
and it opened ok, I then hit the back button and episode 3 now displayed properly???

In summary- Iplayer works sometimes on its own and when it wont I have to use f12!!!

The only non MS plugins I have running are the google toolbar, ispell, Sun Mico and Adobe


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That link played for me straight off the bat. You must have a conflicting plugin in somewhere. Also, try Ctrl + F5 next time it happens.


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Thats the oddest thing... opening a new link re-creates the problem and hitting ctrl-f5 has just displayed the missing content. I then followed a different link and the same thing happened.

Why should forcing a refresh a second after visiting a new link (ie non-cached) work?

I am not alone though, many others have reported the same random/hit'n'miss nature.

I have just run the debugger in f12 and it flags up

as being
Error: Unable to get value of the property 'indexOf': object is null or undefined

(sorry the text colour change button doesn't open on this site in my ie9, nor does text size)

Not sure if the widgets Javascript is to blame for the quirky iplayer loading

EDIT -------------- I can change text colour on this site if I go to ie8 documents mode

Another EDIT---------- in ie8 documents mode the widgets script does not cause a run time error
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