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BBC iPlayer HD on PS3


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There's plenty of rumours of iPlayer officially coming to the PS3 this year, and also plans of iPlayer going HD (BBC boss pledges HD iPlayer this year | Electricpig), what are the chances we'll see both in one hit?

Anyone have any goss? I think this would be a killer feature for the PS3.

BBC iPlayer (SD Version) is already offically supported for the PS3


Mind you would be nice to see a full download capable version for the PS3 via a PS3 App that handles download content DRM.

Due to Windows Media DRM used by the Beeb hell will freeze over before Sony let this happen though
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Ah ok thats a shame, i was hoping there would be a nice XMB / PlayTV interface to iPlayer when the PS3 got official support.

Having to open up the webbrowser and use the relatively clunky designed-for-a-mouse interface is no fun :(

edit: i've just seen the big screen interface, not too shabby!
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The annoying thing is when trying to make the picture fullsize and then trying to move the cursor of the screen without making it off centre. Is there an easier way of making the cursor disappear?


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is there a way to do this with the remote control instead of the dualshock?

no and i've tried
but when it goes dark (power saver) the remote comes in handy.. just press select

but it's better then watching it on the laptop


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hmm I dont think the ps3 supports the 'high quality' mode that available on PCs which is a shame, but otherwise yes, its great to be able to watch on TV.


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As there been no info regarding HD coming to iPlayer on the PS3, I've noticed that BBC TWO "Coast" is now available streaming in HD format:thumbsup:

However, I'm confused as the picture quality is nowhere near as you expect in HD but, I have noticed an improvement over it's standard streaming quality.

Go and check it out for yourselves, and see if you can see any improvements:confused:


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Had another view with BBC TWO "Coast", and I can confirm that the picture does appear to render in higher resolution.

Select "Coast" on BBC iPlayer and you find "HD" displayed in the top right hand corner:smashin:


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it doesn't look like HD to me via the PS3 even though it says BBC HD in the top right its from BBC2 which isn't an HD channel. I think they've just put the wrong channel info on it.

Checked on my routers bandwidth monitor, the data rates are way too low for HD, its SD imo
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