BBC HD - no sound!!


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I'm connected via HDMI. Was getting sound drops on live TV. Re-booted and all fine. But now no sound at all on BBC HD! All other channels are fine. How weird is that? Any ideas?

Also...still getting tiny jerks in the picture (like a dropped frame) every now and then. Hmm...

Dorset Dave

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When I lost sound on BBC HD I went into settings and switched on the HDMI override. When you re-booted system maybe the override switched off. Just a thought.


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You will find in the AV settings menu on the V+ whether audio for HD programs goes via the TV (through the HDMI cable) or alternatively is switched off so that sound is outputed via an optical cable to your surround sound amp. If you have it selected for the latter,then all HD source material will be "silent" through your TV and sound will only come via the optical output and your amp. Hope this helps - if you still have problems (particularly intermittent) then this suggests a connection problem somewhere.

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