BBC email on intro of HDTV by STB terrestrial

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    Dear Maree,

    Thanks for making contact with your views on higher definition TV and the
    BBC's role in providing services.
    BBC Research and Development has been at the forefront of monitoring
    developments, recording special programmes and offering scientific advice
    since the beginning of progress from 625-line PAL.
    ..and there are many other papers on HDTV on the BBC R&D site which will
    increase your understanding of the issues.

    Opportunities to launch enhanced services have been there all along the way
    but it is only now that Europeans are beginning to firm up agreements on
    standards for broadcast and manufacture of receive equipment. The market
    in TV receive equipment has to be European since no manufacturer bases its
    R&D and production costs on a UK market alaone.

    Without a market, there has been no point in pursuing something which is
    much more than doubly difficult and expensive to achieve.
    While the analogue TV system is in place there will be no terrestrial
    capacity for such services, so, from the outset, broadcasts will need to be
    via satellite and possibly cable.

    To get the ball rolling, SES/Astra has launched a pilot channel.

    Screen/display technologies are not yet enabling manufacturers to deliver
    robust large displays at mass market prices.
    When this hurdle is crossed (it will not be long before it is) and when
    there is sufficient programme material available to launch a coherent
    service, it is likely that the BBC will launch. Any decision to do so has
    yet to be made.

    The offering proposed by Sky will be useful in testing the potential
    audience response.

    The BBC has said that it will move towards production of all programme
    material in HD-suitable media.
    Many drama items are already archived on film for this purpose.
    Manufacturers are promising HD-ready displays.
    Things are beginning to move forward.


    Dan Smith
    BBC Reception Advice.
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