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More interestingly for me was the point made about shoddy quality current SD content, shouldn't SD have the potential to look as good as DVD? The BBC gets pretty close but it's still not quite there, even sky movies in DD5.1 looks a bit grainy and pixilated, they're obviously not using full bitrate and doing some resampling.

What makes you think HD wouldn't go the same way?

I'd like to see improvements on SD which is completely practical with current tech then maybe I'd trust them with HD content.

richard plumb

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Could be viable within 5 years. If the BBC really want to lead the way, maybe a roll out on satellite in 3 years, and DTT after the switch off?


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Here another bit of news regarding HDTV in the UK. Although not directed 100% at the UK market, it shows that BT are starting the put the wires in.

BT Broadcast Services launches industry's first globally integrated end to end HD solution

20 April 2004
BT Broadcast Services (BTBS), the broadcast and media solutions arm of BT, has responded to growing demand for High Definition (HD) contribution services for US and Japanese broadcasters by launching the industry's first global end-to-end HD solution that fully integrates fiber and satellite.


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Perhaps BT should concentrate more on this country.
They can't even provide me with Broadband and I'm connected to a Broadband enabled (but too far from) exchange.
But enough of my ramblings.


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I hope the BBC will consider much more efficient codecs such as WM9 or H264 for satellite transmissions - I believe MPEG2 is well past it's "sell by" date. ;)



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One per mux using the current mpegII standard, there should also be room for at least one standard digital channel alongside.
Long term with more advanced codecs then you could squeeze more channels in but I hope/expect mpegII will lead the charge on dsat with dtt coming online after analogue switch off.
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