BBC.com to take on Netflix, Amazon and the rest


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Global iPlayer scrapped as the Beeb seeks to focus

The BBC has announced that it is dropping the global, paid-for iPlayer app after trialling the concept in several countries over the last two years.

The commercial arm of BBC Worldwide will now, instead, focus its efforts on the BBC.com website where it will offer a full-form video player to visitors with content available to rent or purchase to citizens outside of the UK.

The announcement was made by BBC Worldwide chief, Tim Davie, as he seeks to steer a major overhaul of the BBC's digital strategies in this quickly evolving sphere of activities.

Davie said that BBC Worldwide had become too fragmented with too many websites and digital propositions, so the need to focus is paramount. Davie even went as far as naming Netflix, Amazon and Hulu as their major competitors in the digital marketplace and believes the focus on BBC.com will help them extend their current reach - estimated at 250 million - to double by 2022.

“It is purely a branding question: if you want content you go to BBC.com,” he said. “It has been too fragmented and it is a ferocious market dominated by US and Asian players – like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon – and we have to have scale and a real competitive edge.”

BBC Worldwide is to undertake a 'three-year plan' to work on BBC.com that will see content payment systems, which can be tailored to individual markets, implemented in the near future.


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