BB 8900 - Blue LED won't turn off


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just got a 8900 and the blue light wont turn off even when the bb is off.
I have reinstalled software.(
removed battery etc etc

Any other suggestions - its really annoying.

thank you in advance,.


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Sounds like a hardware problem - is it a dimmish blue, rather than the bright blue of the Bluetooth?

A few people have had this problem on the crackberry forum and have had to get their 8900 exchanged


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It is dim blue.
Hope it is not unfixable.
bought the 8900 2nd hand. Branded Tmobile. Can i contact tmobile direct.


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If you bought it second hand then TMobile will not do anything for you.

Have you tried disabling the LED functions completely and see if it stops then. I switched the LED notifications off within 5 mins of getting my BB - drove me crazy :D

It's probably just a loose wire, or a short somewhere.

I would say your best bet is to find an independent phone store who unlock phones/sell second hand ones etc and see if they can fix it for you. Ask around for recommendations for a reliable one.

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