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Battlestar Galactica series 1 sound track

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by GalacticaActual, Jul 20, 2005.

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Well , in the post this morning I recived my copy of the new battlestar season 1 CD soundtrack. I am listing to it as I type this post and all I can say is FANTASTIC :smashin: If you are a fan of the show then this really is a must purchase to accompany the tv series.

    Track listing is as follows.

    1. Prologue

    2. Main Title [US Version]

    3. Helo Chase {From 33}

    4. Olympic Carrier {From 33}

    5. Helo Rescued {From 33}

    6. Good Lighter {From Hand of God}

    7. Thousandth Landing {From Act of Contrition}

    8. Two Funerals {From Act of Contrition}

    9. Starbuck Takes on All Eight {From Act of Contrition}

    10. Forgiven {From You Can't Go Home Again}

    11. Card Game {From Act of Contrition}

    12. Starbuck on the Red Moon {From You Can't Go Home Again}

    13. Helo in the Warehouse {From Litmus}

    14. Baltar Speaks With Adama {From Six Degrees of Seperation}

    15. Two Boomers {From Six Degrees of Seperation}

    16. Battlestar Operatica {From Secrets and Lies}

    17. Dinner Party {From Secrets and Lies}

    18. Battlestar Muzaktica {From Colonial Day}

    19. Baltar Panics {From Six Degrees of Seperation}

    20. Boomer Flees {From Flesh and Bone}

    21. Flesh and Bone {From Flesh and Bone}

    22. Battle on the Asteroid {From Hand of God}

    23. Wander My Friends {From Hand of God}

    24. Passacaglia {From Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 1}

    25. Kobol's Last Gleaming {From Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pts. 1&2}

    26. Destiny {From Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 2}

    27. Shape of Things to Come {From Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 2}

    28. Bloodshed {From Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 2}

    29. Re-Cap

    30. Main Title [UK Version] - Michael Now

    With a mixture of action pounding drum rythms and pan pipe galic, almost braveheart, type music cues it really does set the show apart form the ochestrall scores of star trek and sg1.

    Previews of all the traks can be heard over at amazon.com. As far as I know it is not officially avalable in the uk. but both movietyme and amazon.com sell it. :smashin:

    link to movietyme battlestar soundtrack


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