Battlestar G series 4 and on?


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Pardon me for starting a new thread, but I didn't want to expose myself to spoilers. I just finished watching BSG series 4, having rented the DVD from Blockbuster, and the "final episode" is "Revelations" (on the DVD it says Series 4, Disc 4, and that's the last one).

I looked on an online episode guide and it seems that this is not the last episode, as further ones are going out right now on US TV networks, and it seems there are also "webisodes" available.

I am confused and want to continue watching the series in sequence and without spoilers. Questions:

Are the episodes being broadcast in the US after "revelations" also series 4, or will they be billed as Series 5 when they become available to rent?
When will they become available to rent in the UK?
Is there to be a series 5, or has that not yet been decided?
Are the "webisodes" entirely incidental to the main TV broadcast episodes? Are they of poorer quality? Where can one download them?

Thanks in advance


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Season 4 was split into 2 parts due to the writer's strike in the US.

The final 10 episodes are being shown now in the US (& on Sky in the UK). They will no doubt be out on dvd later in the year.

There are no plans for another series of BSG after these 10 episodes, but there is going to be a spin-off prequel, 'Caprica'.

No idea if the webisodes are incidental or not to the rest of the season, but they're worth a watch. They're all available on youtube. Search for 'BSG Face of the Enemy'



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Many thanks. Just what I needed to know. Mystery solved.

Is there another way apart from YouTube for the webisodes, e.g. some authorised web-site? YouTube picture quality is so awful.


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The American SciFi channel website had them online, but only to American viewers which was annoying.

As well as the prequel Caprica, theres also another feature length episode similar to Razor, called The Plan, which will be released after the final season.


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The previous set of webisodes Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance were included on the Region 1 (US) DVD release of Season 3, so there's a slim chance they'll include The Face of the Enemy on the R2 release of Season 4 Part 2...

However they're only about 4mins long each and mostly dialogue rather than action so YouTube is an acceptable way of viewing them imho.


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did anybody find anything new in these webisodes? i only watched the first set, and they were useless.

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