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Dec 13, 2003
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Wow, been playing it since yesterday .. wow .. love it - been flying around in jets and helicopters .... trying to seek and destroy the VC ..

Music is the dogs, black balls ..

Goto get it .. (3 cds) must set up a server, anybody that wants a bash, sign up to this thread, then I will post server details ..



PS. Just off to the paddy fields
Does it have any sort of one player as well as online ?
I am tempted by this.. also waiting for UT2004...

Wanna give us a quick review of it ?


mmmm, ok ....

1st - music - well it rocks

picture the scene ... your in a jungle, in an american jeep, with the blazing music of "War - da da da da- What Is It Good For " blazing ... suddenly your taking heavy fire from the VC, press "E" to leave the jeep and dive for cover ......

Battlefield Vietname is and I state is both for multiplayer and single player .. there are at least at a quick count 12 single player missions ... so grab it ....

I am a great WWII, VC shoot'em up fan ... and well never really played Battlefield 1942 before, but this has me glued to my PC ..

I am running the game on my AMD 2400XP, XP SP1, 1 Gig Ram, and a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro DX9 128MB card at the highest graphics you can set in a game at 1280 x 768 maxed out, and the game and music rocks ....

Find a jet, get in it and take to the skies, a helicopter the same, now if only I could find the theme to Airwolf .... jeeps, tanks, and armoured personnel carriers, drive everything .. including boats ..

Get it now ... :D

Anybody fancy a online game ???
OK.. I'm sold I;ll see if I can pick it up cheap this week!

Should run fine then on my PC!


now where can i get cheap copy, have it for was a toss up between bat nam and unreal 2004 so i think i'll get into the nam......problem i get is that when i play games online due to my connection only being 42kbps i seem to never be able to hit anyone???
I am on 2mb .. so dont have that problem, well I do cos I am crap but speed isn't the issue .. good oh Blueyonder 2mb Now serving Devon ...

I have a blueyonder 1 mb connection... though I better not run my UT2004 server at the same time :)

I think the game is £22 at amazon ?

BTW where did you get it .. its not officially out til the 19th ?

(PM me if you do not wish to post here)

Originally posted by Drogo
at 1280 x 768 maxed out
i sugest you lower the resolution and up you're refresh rate on you're monitor for better gameplay ;)
I have played BF1942 ever since in came out, and all expansion packs and Desert Combat.
BFV, in my opinion, is pants, and that is very difficult for me to say as I had such high hopes.
Look at the official forums for the game - I'm not the only one.
The music might be great, but the ingame sound is useless, no more directional firing effects ie hear where the bullets are coming from etc.
The Graphics run slower (yes I know its a new engine).
The overall feel just seems a bit "cheap mod".
The control of heli's is too easy (try DC for proper flying mechanics), I mean if you take you hands off the controls, you just hover!

I will give it another go, but not impressed so far.
Originally posted by rolandrat
I mean if you take you hands off the controls, you just hover!
isnt that what will happen in a real chopper though ?
no you would spin round and round until you crashed into the earth...
All the points raised in that review can also be said about BF1942.

The AI was poor and when I recently played through it again, I zipped through pretty much the entire Axis campaign in one evening.

It's a shame that more games don't have decent single player or offline content these days, but I'll probably pick it up as I haven't bought a game for what seems like months now.
Does anyone else have choppy playback or long loading times, guess it could be my system but I would have thought it was good enough to run this game at a good rate, what system specs do other people have, I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 512MB DDR and 128MB ATi Radeon 9700, with that should I be getting problems?
It is quite hard to decide what to buy, next week is even worse as Far Cry (PC), Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (XBOX) and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes (NGC) are all released, going to be an expensive day lol
Only interested in Far cry from those 3 .. already got call of duty/ut2004 and a few others to work through :)


hmmm,think i'll leave it then and get farcry and ut2004 instead,the single player on ut2004 should be ok for me.
Just make sure you dont pay more than £17.99 each for those 2 as that is how much they are available for on the net.
yeah,i have has farcry on order at play since it was 17.99,i think its gone upnow,as for ut2004 i see they have it at play again for 17.99 so i think i'll order there too.
Always been a big fan of the Battlefield 1942 series and given the amount of mods that come out for these games Im really looking forward to getting home today and sticking on BFV for the first time - I take it from the reviews on here its one to really crank up the volume to ?

Can't wait for some multiplayer madness 2nite ... I'll be on gamespy so if neone from here is up for a game look for monkeyleader in the BFV rooms :D
Depending on your system spec mate you might have alot of trouble with it, check out the Official EA Forum for Battlefield: Vietnam, seems the majority of people who have bought it are experiencing major graphic problems and they are not happy at all, alot are calling it Betafield: Vietnam because of all the problems lol
Bought this for my Brothers birthday and went round his to have a look before work this afternoon.....EXCELLENT:smashin:

Was nearly late for work cos I didnt want to leave it:clap:

Only saw a couple of maps but from what Ive seen this game is gonna keep me entertained for some time.My brothers pc is nowhere near top spec but it coped just fine on medium sttings,nice and smooth:cool:

As was mentioned earlier,the thing that stands out the most is the sound,I guarentee you will not be able to stop yourself grinning the first time you get a transporter full of grunts,crank up the radio and take off across the river!!It feels like your in a film I tells ya.

Ths engineers can do things like booby trap vehicles so they blow up when started,although I didnt manage this yet,too busy crawling through weeds sniping dozy yanks:rotfl:

Annoying thing is Ive got to buy a copy for myself now as well,cant wait to get this baby hooked up to the PJ and play it on 10ft screen:D

If you liked bf1942 or any of the mods even the tiniest bit,you will love this game:smashin:

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