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I have come to the conclusion that people take Battlefield 5 and other online games way too seriously! All these Youtube videos on how to be a good player and the gun stats! Who cares!!??!! I know these people get paid for their videos etc, but still! :laugh: :facepalm:
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Who cares
The people who wish to be better at the game in question perhaps. Whilst I imagine the people who play for fun and to enjoy the game will outweigh the hardcore. THeres a hardcore element on every game. Otherwise the Youtubers wouldn't make a living from it.

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The people who wish to be better at the game in question perhaps. Whilst I imagine the people who play for fun and to enjoy the game will outweigh the hardcore. THeres a hardcore element on every game. Otherwise the Youtubers wouldn't make a living from it.

Yeah who wants to start a new game and get their ass kicked and not improve or get help....just carry on getting your ass kicked and don't improve and give up. Same with single player games, get stuck on a level or boss, no need to lookup a video or tips and tricks. Just give up playing that game...


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Dice tweeted to say the next update won't be until September now, no more chapters at all, September will bring some new stuff but that's the last of it, total dumpster fire of a game this, and shows how poorly Dice/EA can handle a "live" service game.


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Where are they spending their time

I liked this when it first came out but only the mode where 2 teams start fighting over a central flag

Then they started breaking it and got rid of that mode completely. They really killed it off themselves

I’m thinking people are gearing up for the ps5 now


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I thought the final update was in June? But no more Tides of War events, just weekly challenges for company coin.

It feels like DICE are glad to see the back of this title. It clearly didn't perform how they and EA wanted.

Star Wars battlefront 2 is still being supported with new content after nearly 3 years, BFV is being ditched after about 18 months. Says it all.

Somebody at DICE made some seriously poor decisions for this game; no classic conflict scenarios, boring untold stories single player missions, repetitive combined arms mode, pointless firestorm mode, unecessary changes to TTK and weapon balance. The list goes on.

They need to build BF6 from the ground up and take a look back to see what made the franchise popular. It used to be the best FPS out there.


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I actually really enjoyed parts of this - the latest maps I thought were great.

Problem is Dice spent most of the lifespan of the game messing about with changes no one wanted and alienating the community. Messing around with the TTK for example but never fixing the team balancing - how a game could have 30 players and decides to make it 20 v 10 for example is baffling.

It'll be a long road back getting people on board for the next one. I'll be more cautious next time despite loving the franchise in general.

Think I might put some time into Battlefront 2 now instead - been watching my son play it and it looks great with plenty of active players still.


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Funny you say that, I bought SWBF2 when it was on sale digitally, to play the campaign. But just this week I've started playing the MP modes and they are great fun. It's more of a franctic arcade shooter, but I'm really enjoying it.

Bit of a learning curve, especially as the game came out nearly 3 years ago, but I gather it's gone through many tweaks and changes and is now (I understand) a very polished shooter. It shows what DICE can really do, it's just a shame Battlefield V didn't seem to get the same love.


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How do you get around the psychological issue of what EA tried to do with lootboxes. It’s like someone trying to steal your house and it failed so then they try to be a friend again because they were told by Disney to be so?

I still can’t get over what they tried and the deliberate grind they introduced to make you start buyinglootboxes

Plus I just hate the sight of a stupid lootbox container now if I see one


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That's what put me off the game when it was first released. I think the crystals can still be bought with real money (same as Battlefield coins in BFV) but they're optional and everything in the game can be unlocked by just playing the game (and they drastically reduced the XP you need to do that).

I think EA got the kicking they deserved and did a massive u-turn on their plans, leaving SWBF2 in a decent state. I completely understand the interest in additional funding for games beyond their initial release, and when pretty much all games have dropped the season pass approach, they have to do something to fund the continued development of a game. At least this way it is optional. It's clear in BFV that plenty of players are happy to buy the Elite kits, and I'm happy not to.

I would hope that lessons have been learned by all publishers that while it's okay to offer optional cosmetic purchases, there should never be a pay-to-win angle to these things. We have paid for the game after all, they can't apply the "freemium" mobile phone business model to a paid for AAA game!

In SWBF2 I have earned about 60 crystals in addition to 100k credits. All I seem to be able to do with either is buy cosmetic stuff. The ability unlocks are fixed by what level I'm at and how many skill points I have. You can't buy them as far as I can see.


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Here’s where I am with EA. They were cool in about 2010, providing money to games companies to make good games with great graphics and stories

Then the bad guys took over and are present still, the likes of Andrew Wilson who have just tried to squeeze every ounce of money out of a game thinking gamers wouldn’t notice eg grinding mechanics, flash sales on lootboxes, really casino type enducements in a game

The EA bad guys who are there now are proving that they are just bad guys and don’t know anything about playing games

Look at all the great franchises they are involved with and are utter disasters, every one in the last 2 to 3 years either because the game companies have developers who are gamers and are trying to scupper EA from inside

Battlefield and Fifa and Star Wars

They have based their revenue now on lootbox profit not selling great games. If Fifa and madden lootbox sales dropped off they wouldn’t have any money coming in

This is where Andrew Wilson has directed EA and where it is now. They don’t care on making a good game now

It will only change if they sack the whole management board but they can’t change their financial model now, their money is from lootboxes and it’s going to be hard to move away from it

Unless of course governments finally ban their lootbox in a game
And I can’t forgive them what they tried to do with Star Wars my favourite franchise of all time
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