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Battlefield: Hardline

Will you be getting Hardline?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 15.6%
  • No

    Votes: 38 84.4%

  • Total voters


Distinguished Member
*May not be complete until 8 months after release


Distinguished Member
Well Dice aren't doing it by the looks of it so that could be a bonus....or hinderance.

Theydon Bois

Distinguished Member
Do you think it could be a free to play, with micro payments for hats, a-la TF2?


Established Member
zzzz ... after imo the anti-climax of a broken BF4, they want to release a game that is meant to cater for large scale firefights and theme it cops and robbers ... the more I know about this title the more disheartened I become but I guess all we can do is wait for E3, they have to show up

Sega Mega Dave

Distinguished Member
Ahh yes such logic, we'll create a game based on police and criminals then call it Battlefield.


Distinguished Member
Seems like this franchise is going down the route of stupidity a la Call of Duty.

Sega Mega Dave

Distinguished Member
No problems with the premise of the game but its moronic to use the Battlefield name.


Distinguished Member
Well, that's kind of what I was getting at. It's just not Battlefield is it?
I want a London Riots game mode. Looters have to steal 100 pairs of Nikes from JBSports before their arrest tickets run out.

Or will they have a mission like in Payday where you have to inflict so much financial damage but to Starbucks and Mcdonalds G8 protest stylee?

I think the game mode that will appeal most to snipers is the one where players sit in a parked police car behind a bush for 2 hours staring at a radar gun.


Prominent Member
I can't see anything good coming from this title, another nail for the BF franchise's coffin.
Agree. It's appears to be a dumbed down, slimmed down, quick reskin job to extract maximum returns from BF fans before the majority realise EA are racing the franchise to the bottom.


Established Member
Oh dear EA... still, Not Battlefield Hardcash could be a nice game to play if they setup some good missions/maps.


Distinguished Member
Well Dice aren't doing it by the looks of it so that could be a bonus....or hinderance.

Visceral have been working on Battlefield games for a while and Frostbite will be used so it makes no difference. The CTE will be used to hype this game and I can guarantee it will still have the same problems even with 30 tick rate.


Distinguished Member
Loads of gameplay in this video

EA: Your new game is literally an old tired joke:


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